Goals and Benefits




Maximize your deduction; minimize the gift details.

Use cash to make your gift to The Hotchkiss School.

Claim your deduction against a larger portion of your adjusted gross income, and make an immediate impact on The Hotchkiss School.

Avoid capital gains liability and take an income tax deduction.

Use appreciated securities, instead of cash, to make your gift.

Buy low and give high — while avoiding capital gains tax.

Avoid capital gains tax on appreciated real estate.

Make an outright gift of real estate or consider a bargain sale or retained life estate.

Avoid capital gains liability and take an income tax deduction.

Make a gift for The Hotchkiss School's future that costs you nothing now.

Include a bequest for us in your will (cash, specific property, or a share of the estate residue).

Today — a painless way to build our financial strength.

Tomorrow — resources that we will put to use.

Leave more of your estate to your heirs.

Name The Hotchkiss School as beneficiary of your retirement plan, leave less-taxed assets to family.

Eliminate income tax on retirement plan assets; free up other property to pass to your heirs.

Create a long-term gift that won't draw funds from your estate.

Create a new life insurance policy, or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need.

Increase your ability to make a significant gift to The Hotchkiss School.

Get benefits back from the assets you give to The Hotchkiss School — and thus afford a larger gift.

Make a contribution to a pooled income fund, or create a life-income plan like a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder unitrust.

Receive income for your lifetime; receive a charitable deduction; diversify your holdings.

Reduce gift and estate taxes and leave more of your assets to your heirs.

Create a charitable lead trust to pay income to The Hotchkiss School for a fixed time, then pay the remainder to your heirs.

Reduce gift and estate taxes, and freeze the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family.

Reduce high tax liability now; gain additional income later.

Establish a deferred gift annuity.

A larger deduction and a higher income rate than our other life-income gifts offer.