Pooled Income Fund

Our pooled income fund offers you the benefits of a charitable mutual fund. It accepts contributions from multiple donors and invests the funds jointly, in a mix of bonds and equities. Each contributor receives a pro-rata share of the fund's dividend and interest income, paid quarterly. Income payments vary based on the fund's performance. After the death of each donor/beneficiary, his or her share of the fund is transferred to the The Hotchkiss School program originally designated in the gift agreement.

You can contribute appreciated securities to the pooled income fund with no reduction for capital gains tax, thus putting the entire amount of your gift to work earning income for you. You also receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift, based on the value of the assets you transferred minus the present value of the income interest you retained.

The pooled income fund is managed by experienced investment management firms. You also gain the added security of a diversifying your portfolio by exchanging heavily held assets for participation in the fund.

The fund accepts initial gifts at a minimum of $5000, and additional contributions of $1000 or more, making the benefits of a life income gift available to many donors.